Unauthorized Disclosure: Project Censored's Mickey Huff & Andy Lee Roth

Each year, Project Censored puts out a yearbook called "State of the Free Press" that contains a list of the top censored stories of the past year. It also assesses prevailing and troubling trends in the United States news media.

Mickey Huff, the director of Project Censored, and Andy Lee Roth, the associate director, join the "Unauthorized Disclosure" podcast to discuss their latest yearbook, which is available here.

In the episode, Mickey and Andy contend with the increased absence of journalism in many people's lives. The loss of local news organizations (i.e. newspapers) means that there are more and more news deserts in the U.S. But they point to the tradition of muckraking journalism as a potential remedy.

Later in the subscriber portion of the show, Mickey and Andy talk about some of the censored stories included in the book.

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