Unauthorized Disclosure: November 10 (Subscriber Show)

It's good to be back after a two-month hiatus. Kevin Gosztola took some personal time as a new dad, and Rania Khalek has been busy in Beirut and at BreakThrough News grappling with the apocalyptic violence inflicted upon Gaza by the Israeli government.

In this exclusive for subscribers, Rania vents her rage at Western governments that are supportive or at best complicit in the bombing that has killed 11,000+ Palestinians. She describes the toll the war has taken on children and discusses the fighting between Hezbollah and Israeli forces in Lebanon.

Kevin shows a supercut of U.S. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller diabolically brushing aside questions from journalists with two key phrases. And toward the end, some light is brought into the episode as Kevin introduces Rania and subscribers to his newborn.