Unauthorized Disclosure: Jared Ware

Unauthorized Disclosure: Jared Ware

Jared Ware, journalist and co-host of the "Millennials Are Killing Capitalism" podcast, appears on "Unauthorized Disclosure" to discuss a major prison strike unfolding in state facilities throughout Alabama.

We begin with an overview of the strike, which was on its fifth day when the interview was recorded. Jared describes why the work stoppages were organized now and what the response of the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) has been to the organized prisoners.

Jared outlines the demands of prisoners, including a call to release prisoners who should be eligible for parole but have been denied.

Prison authorities are trying several tactics to break the strike. Meals have been degrading. Lead organizers have been assaulted and thrown in solitary. Prisoners have been moved between facilities to act as scabs and help authorities break the strike. Visitations have been canceled for the weekend.

Yet the strike has pushed onward, and you can follow updates on Twitter from Jared @jaybeware.

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