Major Step In Ending U.S. Involvement In War In Yemen

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 12/1


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Why U.S. Senate Vote To Advance Resolution To End Military Involvement In Saudi War In Yemen Was Remarkable

The United States Senate took a significant step in withdrawing U.S. military support for the Saudi Arabia-led war in Yemen and advanced debate on a war powers resolution by a vote of 63-37.

Police Response To 'We The People' White Supremacist Rally Shows How Little Has Changed Since Charlottesville

Danielle Corcione reports on a rally on November 17 in Philadelphia, which was organized by people tied to the white supremacist groups, Proud Boys and the Three Percent movement.

How Workers Of Color Helped Democrats Defeat Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Michael Arria reports on labor organizations in Wisconsin. The organizations led successful get-out-the-vote campaigns and other efforts to unseat Republican Scott Walker as governor of Wisconsin.

Review: Documentary Connects Revolutionary Feminist Struggles In The Middle East

Arvind Dilawar reviews a documentary that profiles three revolutionary women in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, who are leading struggles against patriarchy and U.S. empire. It recently premiered at the DOC NYC festival.


Beyond Prisons - Nabil Hassein Of Jail Free NYC

Protest Song Of The Week

"Thin Blue Border" by Ryan Harvey, Kareem Shimara, and Shireen Lilith

The trio calls attention to the plight of Middle Eastern refugees with this brooding folk-punk song that features the oud.


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