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Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - March 2

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Destructive Education Policies Pushed By Rahm Emanuel Loom Over Chicago Mayor's Race

Aaron Cynic continues his series on the Chicago mayor's race with this report on how education justice activists have made an impact on candidates.

More Reports Of 'Gladiator Fights' As California Prison Officials Tear Up Cells To Find Recording Device

California prison officials deny the fights are set up by prison officials. Authorities are searching for a recording device that was used to record videos, which were published by Shadowproof.

Decade Of Attempts By CACI To Block Abu Ghraib Torture Lawsuit End As Judge Sets Trial Date

A private contractor has tried to prevent a lawsuit challenging their role in the torture of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib a total of sixteen times. Now, the lawsuit against CACI Premier Technology, filed 13 years ago, finally has a date for a trial.

Why Bernie Sanders' Statements On Venezuela Are Crucial To Efforts To Defeat Trump

Trump is targeting Venezuela because he views the country as a failed socialist state. All the more reason to boldly challenge propaganda around his regime change agenda.


Unauthorized Disclosure - Listen To CNN Correspondent Drew Griffin's McCarthyist Interview With Rania Khalek

Protest Song Of The Week

"Guns" by Quelle Chris

C.J. Baker features this song from Detroit-based indie rapper that explores how things can be weaponized for good or evil, including ourselves.


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