USDA-Approved Sustainable Incarceration

Shadowproof's Weekly Newsletter - 6/8


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Since 1996, US Agriculture Department Gave Over $277 Million To Fund Local Jail Construction

Brian Sonenstein obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act, which reveal how the U.S. Agriculture Department's Rural Development Agency has enabled mass incarceration over the past decades.

Picking Up Where Obama's War On Leaks Left Off: Trump Justice Department Seizes Reporters' Records

With a leak prosecution, where multiple journalists had their communications records seized, President Donald Trump and his administration build on a policy of intimidation and contempt for freedom of the press that was firmly established by his predecessor.

If Chelsea Manning Had Been Home When Police Broke Into Her Home To Conduct A 'Wellness' Check

The Montgomery County Police Department in Bethesda, Maryland, conducted what they called a “wellness” or “welfare check” and broke into Chelsea Manning’s home with guns drawn. Fortunately, Manning was not home or else an encounter may have ended in death.

Lawsuit Seeks To End North Carolina Practice Of Revoking Driver's Licenses If You Can't Pay Tickets

“It is not fair for the DMV to revoke a person’s license simply because she does not have enough money to pay for a traffic ticket," said Sharee Smoot, a plaintiff in the lawsuit who had her license revoked.


Beyond Prisons - Episode 25: Fight Toxic Prisons

Panagioti Tsolkas, an organizer with the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons, joins the Beyond Prisons podcast for a discussion of prison ecology and the intersection between the criminal legal system and the environment.

Protest Song Of The Week

'If I Was President' by Las Cafeteras

Liz Pelly features this song from Las Cafeteras, which in Spanish and English seeks to imagine what the world might be like if the president truly worked for the people.


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