Unauthorized Disclosure: Subscriber Show for June 9


For this week's show, Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola highlight the unbelievable news that Trump was indicted under the Espionage Act. Then they spend half of the show discussing the marathon public comment session in Atlanta by organizers committed to stopping "Cop City."

The Atlanta City Council voted to approve funding for the police training compound that will lead to deforestation, even though nearly 1,000 people spoke for 15 hours (well over 90 percent were against it).

Rania and Kevin share how shocked they were at the images of smoke or haze over New York and Washington, D.C., and connect the apocalyptic-looking scenes to the struggle to stop Cop City.

Later in the show, they cover the latest cover story being attempted by the U.S. government as they continue to deflect responsibility for the Nord Stream pipeline explosion. And then they conclude with mention of the weaponizing of anti-semitism against Roger Waters.


On June 14 at 12pm ET/6pm London Time, we will broadcast a live show for paid subscribers of “Unauthorized Disclosure.” Rania and Kevin are looking forward to hearing from you.

It’s been a long time so Rania and Kevin encourage you to send questions or comments that you would like them to discuss to newsletter@thedissenter.org. They will read them on air, and if you do not want them to use your first name, let them know.

*Here is the link for the broadcast: https://youtube.com/live/sUXGr3OtL3E