Unauthorized Disclosure: Micah Herskind

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Micah Herskind, an organizer and writer based in Atlanta, joins the "Unauthorized Disclosure" podcast to discuss the latest with the movement to "Stop Cop City."

During the episode, Micah grapples with the rise of cop cities throughout the United States and describes an effort to put construction of this massive police training compound to a vote through a referendum.

Democratic Mayor Andre Dickens and other city officials have fought to suppress activists who are trying to save forest that will be razed if corporate interests and police groups build a cop city in Atlanta.

Micah responds to the voter suppression from Democrats, who typically speak out (as they should) on voting rights issues when Republicans undermine democracy. And later in the episode, Micah comments on Republican Governor Brian Kemp and state prosecutors that have criminalized organizers as terrorists—and how Democrats have aided and abetted this weaponization of government.