'They Targeted Me Because They Knew I Was On My Period'

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 10/20


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For Wearing Tampon, Virginia Woman Says She's Barred From Prison Visits

Lauren Gill reports on a Virginia woman who says state prison officials terminated a visit with her husband and accused her of attempting to smuggle drugs with a tampon days after the state suspended a policy that would have banned women from wearing them when visiting.

Whistleblower Who Challenged FBI's Profiling And Informant Recruitment Practices Is Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

Terry Albury was charged with violating the Espionage Act. He was the only black FBI agent in the region for most of the time that he worked for the FBI’s terrorism squad in Minnesota. His attorneys maintained he committed an "act of conscience" and "patriotism."

Ohio Prisons Uphold Year-Long Communications Ban Against Incarcerated Activist Who Supported National Prison Strike

Brian Sonenstein provides a comprehensive update on the case of Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, who is in an Ohio state prison and faces a ban on email and phone communications for supporting work stoppages during the national prison strike.

Facebook's Purge Of Political Pages Fuels Delusion Of Insurgent Threats To Democracy

Facebook’s purge of more than 500 pages and 250 accounts ahead of midterm elections in the United States represents a massive trend to police social media activity in ways that put freedom of expression at risk.

Louisiana Court Declares State's Non-Unanimous Jury Verdict Scheme Unconstitutional, Motivated By Racial Discrimination

A district court in Louisiana ruled the state’s use of non-unanimous juries is unconstitutional, violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment, and motivated by "invidious racial discrimination."

Protest Song Of The Week

"American Dream" by J.S. Ondara

C.J. Baker features this song from Kenya-born singer J.S. Ondara, who shares his unique perspective on the elusive American Dream.


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