Afghanistan War


The Kabul Strike: Drone Whistleblowers Speak Out On How Normal It's Become To Kill Muslims

MQ-9 Reaper Drone (Photo: United States Air Force) During a hearing on Capitol Hill, General Frank McKenzie, the commander for
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Australian Military Whistleblower Who Faces Prosecution Shares Perspective On End To Afghanistan War

"We knew it was a debacle. Everybody knew. There was a culture of silence to cover it up, and the politicians were never really trying to win the war."
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The Afghanistan War And The Dissenters We Should've Listened To

Let's seek out such voices next time a presidential administration moves the United States toward launching a war.
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Daniel Hale Pens Letter For Judge Describing How He 'Came To Violate The Espionage Act'

"The truest truism that I’ve come to understand about the nature of war is that war is trauma," Daniel Hale shared with the judge.
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