Shadowproof Obtains Videos Of 'Gladiator Fights' At Soledad State Prison

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 12/23


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California Prisoners Say Videos Show 'Gladiator Fights' At Soledad State Prison

Shadowproof obtained videos of two prisoner fights that prisoners said were setup by officials at Soledad State Prison in California. Brian Sonenstein reports.

Corcoran Prisoners Describe Life Under Lockdown

Prisoners share what lockdown is like at Corcoran after the warden backed out of negotiations with prisoners. Several prisoners engaged in a hunger strike in January to force an end to the months-long lockdown.

Chicago Activists Demand Candidates For Mayor Back Civilian Police Accountability

From Shadowproof's series on the Chicago mayor's race, Aaron Cynic features grassroots voices involved in the struggle for police accountability that includes civilian oversight of the Chicago Police Department.

How CNN Led Facebook To Censor Pages Of Russia-Backed Video Company And Manufactured A News Story

CNN went in search for a story about a Russian-funded digital media project that produces viral videos aimed at undermining American democracy. When CNN journalists could not find what they were looking for, they effectively manufactured the news by giving Facebook a pretext for censorship.

Clinton Democrats Struggle To Move On From 2016 As Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Campaign

For those who backed Hillary Clinton and believe Bernie Sanders bears some responsibility for her loss to President Donald Trump, they were quick to display their resentment. Some of them even dusted off opposition research they had lying around and quickly deployed it.


#ChiMayor19 - Episode 3: Two Chicagos, One Neglected And Heavily Policed

The third episode in the series is on the efforts of grassroots activists to force candidates for mayor to take police accountability seriously

Unauthorized Disclosure - Interview With Christina Schiavoni On Food Politics In Venezuela

Christina Schiavoni, a food sovereignty activist and doctoral researcher who lived in Caracas for about two years, joins the show to talk about food shortages and the politics of food in Venezuela.

Protest Song Of The Week

"Heavy As Lead" by Leyla McCalla

C.J. Baker features this song from cellist/multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Leyla McCalla that was inspired by her own child's experience with high levels of lead in her blood. It speaks to environmental health crises from Los Angeles to Flint, Michigan.


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