Reckoning With Immigrant Family Separation

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 6/16


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Though Trump May Seem More Callous, Obama Had A Higher Rate Of Deportation

Brian Sonenstein reports on a study that shows under President Barack Obama's administration Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) made arrests of immigrants at a rate that was more than double what it is under President Donald Trump.

Separation Of Immigrant Families Was Part Of Deportation Under Obama—Now Trump Is Expanding The Practice

Trump is adding to a foundation developed by Obama, who aggressively detained and deported undocumented immigrants for nearly his entire presidency. We must fully acknowledge the harm and injustice of this systematic violence under both Obama and Trump—without making convenient excuses for the past—in order for progress to be possible.

Backlash To Trump-Kim Summit Is Motivated By Commitment To Protecting American Superpower

President Donald Trump’s talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have the potential to usher in an era of nonviolent coexistence. However, the political establishment, corporate media, and foreign policy think tanks are deeply upset that Trump offered to end United States military exercises early in the diplomatic talks for de-nuclearization.

As City Of Chicago Removes More Homeless, Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Evictions

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago’s evictions of homeless people, even as officials continue to remove homeless people and fail to provide affordable housing.

Protest Song Of The Week

'Bullshit Anthem' by Fantastic Negrito

From Fantastic Negrito's new album, "Please Don't Be Dead," here is a protest song with a simple mantra to not let systemic oppression or legacies of racism define a person’s life and keep a person down.


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