Prisoners Pen Letters Against New York Scheme To Open New Jails While Closing Rikers

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - October 19


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Why I Support Closing Rikers Island Without Building New Jails: Letters From Prisoners

Shadowproof published multiple letters from incarcerated individuals in New York who wrote about their experiences and why they opposed Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council's plan to close Rikers and build new jails in boroughs throughout the city.

Lee Doane

Jesus 'Chinoblast' Morales

Hakim Trent

E. Paris Whitfield

Journalists Who Visited Julian Assange Targeted By Company Spying On CIA's Behalf

A Spanish security company was apparently enlisted by the Central Intelligence Agency to compile reports on journalists, attorneys, doctors, and any Russians or Americans who visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange while he was living in Ecuador’s embassy in London.


Unauthorized Disclosure - Interview With Carl Zha On Neoliberal Economic Decline Fueling Hong Kong Protests

Protest Song Of The Week

"Camp America" by 93PUNX


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