Prison Resistance And Plea Deals

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - August 25


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After Reality Winner's Sentencing, One Of Her Attorneys Speaks About The Case

Kevin Gosztola, who was in Augusta, Georgia, to cover former NSA contractor Reality Winner's sentencing for an unauthorized disclosure, interviewed Titus Nichols, who was part of Winner's defense team.

At Great Risk, Prisoners Seize Reform Narrative And Engage In National Strike

A national prison strike was launched on August 21. Brian Sonenstein interviewed a representative from Jailhouse Lawyers Speak on the demands of organizers and mobilizing resistance in prison.

In Case Against Indigenous #NoDAPL Activist Chase Iron Eyes, Judge Accepts Plea Deal That Drops Most Serious Charges

Michael Sainato contributed this report on indigenous activist Chase Iron Eyes, who faced charges after participating in a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. He could have gone to prison and lost his license to practice law.

Reality Winner's Sentence: Culmination Of An Effort To Break A Whistleblower's Spirit

This is how the government "softens" or pressures a whistleblower guilty of committing an unauthorized disclosure into taking a plea deal with prison time instead of going to trial.

NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner Receives Longest Sentence Ever For Unauthorized Disclosure

Kevin Gosztola's report from the federal courthouse in Augusta, Georgia.

Ohio Prisoners Face Crackdown For Speaking Publicly About National Strike

Brian Sonenstein reports on how prison officials at the Ohio State Penitentiary cracked down on known prisoners' rights activists ahead of a national prison strike.

Media Appearances

Kevin Gosztola shared some of his reporting on Reality Winner's case on The Real News and Democracy Now!.


Unauthorized Disclosure - Sarah Smith [Part 1] [Part 2]

Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola interviewed Sarah Smith, a Democratic Party candidate for Congress in Washington's 9th congressional district. She is running against an incumbent Democrat and is a democratic socialist. (Both links contain full transcripts of the conversation.)

Protest Song Of The Week

"Politics" by Bobby Sessions

C.J. Baker features this song by rapper Bobby Sessions, which shows solidarity with athletes like Colin Kaepernick who take a knee during the national anthem. The tune highlights several experiences of black Americans, from police brutality to mass incarceration.


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