New Hampshire Governor's Phony Solidarity

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 6/1


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New Hampshire Governor Invokes Police And Victims To Justify Vetoing Death Penalty Abolition Bill—But They Support It

Lauren Gill reports on New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu's pledge to veto legislation that would abolish the state's death penalty and change punishment for capital murders to life without parole.

Chicago City Council Members Lash Out At Young Black Activists Opposed To Cop Academy

Last week, activists with the No Cop Academy coalition challenged a funding measure for a $95 million Chicago police training complex that will be built on the west side of Chicago. The measure was expected to pass in the City Council on May 25—and it did. But activists were able to stall a vote on the measure and force a debate that made several city council members livid.

Neoliberal War Against Venezuela: U.S. Refuses To Recognize Election, Imposes More Sanctions

Pronouncements from President Donald Trump’s administration, the Lima Group, and other entities were intended to further isolate Venezuela and embolden right-wing opposition forces. They are not merely opposed to Maduro but the revolutionary “Bolivarian Project” itself, which was pursued by Hugo Chavez and challenged the global capitalist system.

Freelance Journalists: Open Call For Submissions In June

See what kind of stories we would like to publish from journalists in June.


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