Need Help Spending Your Fortune, Bezos? Activists Will Help

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 5/4


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Labor, Progressive Organizations In Seattle Ramp Up Pressure On Amazon To Fund Affordable Housing

Michael Sainato reports on the efforts by several labor unions and progressive organizations in Seattle and the state of Washington, which are pushing proposals to force Amazon to pay for affordable housing and address the homelessness crisis it has fueled.

Tennessee Welcomes White Supremacist Conference By Deploying Police To Shield Attendees From Protesters

In this feature story from Elizabeth King and Aaron Cynic, they report on the anti-racist and anti-fascist organizers who demonstrated against the American Renaissance conference in Tennessee and how police handled protesters.

Interview: South Carolina Prisoners Challenge Narrative Around Violence At Lee Correctional Institution

Jared Ware interviewed multiple prisoners in South Carolina. They spoke about the deadliest incident of violence in prisons in the last quarter century, which recently occurred at Lee Correctional Institution, and much, much more.

Reality Winner's Defense Severely Hindered As Judge Rejects Nearly All Subpoenas

Kevin Gosztola reports on the latest development in the case of NSA whistleblower Reality Winner, who will now have an even harder time presenting a defense in October when she has her trial.

Members-Only Newsletter Preview: A Tidy Way To Smother Movements

In this edition of our members-only newsletter, "Keeping the Issues Alive," we speak to Siobhan O'Leary about her recent report on the latest in the J20 cases. [*Preview ends May 12.]

Protest Song Of the Week

Screaming Females' "End of the Bloodline (Remix)"," which revolves around a meditation on bodies, agency, and reproductive justice, is Shadowproof's "Protest Song Of the Week."


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