Lawyers Fear 'Perjury Trap' Set For Chelsea Manning

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 3/23


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Chelsea Manning Believes Subpoena From WikiLeaks Grand Jury May Be 'Perjury Trap,' According To Unsealed Documents

Documents related to Chelsea Manning’s effort to quash a federal grand jury subpoena show her attorneys are concerned the grand jury investigation against WikiLeaks may be trying to draw her into a “perjury trap.”

Before WikiLeaks, US Government Threatened Press Freedom With Grand Jury Investigations Into Pentagon Papers

The federal grand jury investigation into WikiLeaks is not the first time a grand jury investigation launched by the United States government targeted journalists and undermined press freedom.

Alabama Prisoners Associated With Anti-Violence Program Put In Solitary, Launch Hunger Strike

Eight Alabama prisoners have followed in the footsteps of incarcerated activist Robert Earl Council by initiating a hunger strike, arguing they, like Council, were arbitrarily placed in solitary confinement.

Supreme Court Maintains Congress Granted Homeland Security Secretary Broad Power To Detaine Immigrants Without Bail

The United States Supreme Court ruled the government has broad executive power to detain immigrants previously convicted of a crime and deny them a bail hearing prior to deportation proceedings.


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