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Latest In Alleged 'Vault 7' Leaker Case, Plus Tennessee's Healthcare Crisis

Shadowproof Bi-Weekly Newsletter - 12/14


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US Government Would Like Staunch Opponent Of WikiLeaks To Testify Against Alleged 'Vault 7' Leaker

The United States government would like a staunch opponent of WikiLeaks to testify against former CIA employee Josh Schulte, who is accused of leaking the “Vault 7” files to WikiLeaks.

Tennessee's Healthcare Crisis: Bankruptcies, Closing Hospitals, And Medical Debt

The State of Tennessee is in the midst of a healthcare crisis, where its residents are struggling with debt, bankruptcies, and a lack of access to healthcare, while suffering from some of the highest rates in the United States of preventable illnesses.

Shadowproof In Medium: Respected Press Freedom Organization Excludes Assange From Annual List Of Jailed Journalists

Dissenter Weekly Update: Boeing 737 MAX Whistleblower, Miami Herald Reporter Blocked From Talking With Whistleblower Prisoner


Beyond Prisons - Instead of Calling the Cops

Unauthorized Disclosure -  Interview With Tom Mueller, Author of Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing In An Age Of Fraud

Protest Song Of The Week

"Goat Head" by Brittany Howard


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