Inside Trump's Prosecution Of Reality Winner


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How Judge Came To Aid Of Prosecutors When A Billboard For NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner Went Up

When a loosely knit group put up a billboard in Augusta, Georgia, for NSA whistleblower Reality Winner, it did not take long for the judge to scold her attorneys.

Member Newsletter Preview: What It’s Like To Cover Whistleblower Prosecution Under Trump

In August or September, NSA whistleblower Reality Winner will be sentenced in federal court in Augusta, Georgia. She will likely be sentenced to more than 5 years in prison. Kevin Gosztola has traveled to report on Winner’s case and expects to attend her sentencing. As a show of gratitude to members who have helped fund his trips, he writes about his experience covering the case.


Beyond Prisons: John Gillespie Jr. (aka swim.)

Poet, musician, and PhD student John Gillespie Jr. (aka swim.) joins “Beyond Prisons”  for a wide-ranging discussion of his art, his scholarship around suicide in the Black community, his thoughts on love and abolition, and much more.

Unauthorized Disclosure: Aaron Maté On The Collective Freakout Over Trump-Putin Summit In Helsinki

Journalist Aaron Maté, producer for The Real News and contributor to The Nation, joins "Unauthorized Disclosure" to talk all things Trump-Putin summit.

Protest Music

Top Ten Protest Albums Of 2018 (So Far)

A collection of some of best albums of protest music in the first half of 2018—music that truly is the soundtrack to revolution against Trump's America.


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