If Only Disney Paid Workers In Magic

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 4/5


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Disney Withholds Bonuses As Union Workers Protest Poverty Wages

Michael Sainato reports on the struggle of thousands of Disney World and Disneyland workers to "end Disney Poverty."

“We need a living wage. We need to get people out of homeless shelters and hotels. People can’t afford to live day to day,” one Disney employee at the protest said. “There are so many people not doing well, who work for Disney. We feel we deserve the raise and the bonus we all are fighting for.”  (Photo by Michael Sainato)

Muslim-Owned Businesses And Mosques Awarded Damages For NYPD Surveillance

The New York Police Department reached a settlement with Muslim-owned businesses, mosques, student groups, and others it subjected to discriminatory and suspicionless surveillance.

As part of the settlement, businesses and mosques that were spied upon by the NYPD will receive damages for income lost as a result of the stigma and humiliation they suffered “for being targeted on the basis of their religion.”

No Cop Academy In Chicago: Black Students Hold Hours-Long Sit-In At City Hall

Activists, led by young black students, participated in a week of action against the city of Chicago's plans for a $95 million police training center. They demanded investment in public schools, mental health clinics, and an end to impunity for police who kill black or brown people.

Particularly, on March 28, they held a sit-in at City Hall and occupied space in the lobby all afternoon while about a dozen police surrounded them. Tombstones with the names of individuals killed by police or schools and mental health clinics killed by the city were setup to call attention to disinvestment in communities.

Notes on the Trump Justice Department's Second Major Leak Prosecution

Drawing from extensive experience covering and reporting on whistleblower cases or leak prosecutions, Kevin Gosztola examines the latest peculiar case of an FBI special agent charged with violating the Espionage Act.


Beyond Prisons - Prison Publications Featuring Victoria Law

Victoria Law returns to the "Beyond Prisons" podcast to talk about prison publications and the curation of art and writing by incarcerated people.

Unauthorized Disclosure - Israeli Snipers Mow Down Palestinian Protesters, But It's All 'Clashes' To Media

Hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola discuss the killing of Palestinian protesters by Israeli military forces and the U.S. media response to this horrible brutality.

Protest Song Of the Week

Curtis Mayfield's "Hard Times," which is a raw articulation of what it felt like to see the dreams of the civil rights movement fade and turn into a nightmare in the 1970s, is Shadowproof's "Protest Song of the Week."

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