I Didn't Want Her Labeled A Traitor


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Mother Of NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner: I Didn't Want To See Her Plead Guilty To Violating Espionage Act

In Augusta, Georgia, Kevin Gosztola interviewed Billie Winner-Davis, the mother of NSA whistleblower Reality Winner, after her daughter pled guilty to violating the Espionage Act in federal court. It was part of a plea agreement.

NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner Will Likely Be Sentenced To Five-Plus Years In Prison

Kevin Gosztola's report from the courtroom in Augusta, Georgia, where it was revealed Winner agreed to a plea deal that will likely see her sentenced to 63 months in prison.


Unauthorized Disclosure - Interview With Matthew Hoh: Former Marine and State Department official, who resigned from his post in 2009 in protest against the Afghanistan War, joined the show to talk about President Donald Trump and the flourishing military industrial-complex under his administration.

Protest Song Of The Week

Liz Pelly features this song from Parquet Courts called "Violence," which connects the dots between the endless reports of gun violence in the news and subtle violence often perpetuated in media, art, and culture.


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