Court Rules Against Cruel And Inhuman Punishment Of Homeless

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 9/8


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Appeals Court: Criminalizing Homeless For Sleeping Outside Is Cruel

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the city of Boise, which has used two ordinances to criminalize homeless residents and prevent them from sleeping in parks or other public spaces.

Making Music To Promote Human Rights In Guatemala: Interview With Members Of The Band, CANCHES

Daniel Butler and Erika Martinez worked for the International Commission of Jurists and Peace Brigades International in Guatemala. They left their jobs to form CANCHES and make music that could aid the fight against corruption in the country.

FBI, Border Patrol Bypass Hate Groups As Leading Perpetrators Of Anti-Muslim Incidents

Arvind Dilawar spoke with organizers from Muslim community groups about the threats that the Border Patrol and FBI pose to them under President Donald Trump.

Fact-Checking The Prison Strike: Marshall Project Reveals Bias Against Prisoner-Led Resistance

Brian Sonenstein and Kevin Gosztola critique the Marshall Project, a nonprofit media organization committed to criminal justice reform, and its poor coverage of the national prison strike, which was widely referenced in the press.

We're Sending A Reporter To Cover Officer Jason Van Dyke's Murder Trial—Can You Help?

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke is charged with several crimes, including first-degree murder and aggravated battery, for killing a black teenager named Laquan McDonald in 2014. Brandon Smith will cover the trial in the following weeks for Shadowproof.

Protest Song Of The Week

"Now Or Never" by Yoko Ono

C.J. Baker features this song from Yoko Ono, which is a poignant reworking of a song from Ono’s 1973 album, “Approximately Infinite Universe.” It will be released on her forthcoming album, "Warzone."


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