Chelsea Manning Jailed For Morally Objecting To WikiLeaks Grand Jury

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 3/19


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Defying WikiLeaks Grand Jury, Chelsea Manning Carries On Tradition Of Resistance And Goes To Jail

A federal judge sent Chelsea Manning to jail on March 8 because she won't answer questions for a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks.

*Kevin Gosztola was on The Real News to talk about this story.

Outrage Pushes Democrats To Scrap Vote On Resolution Against Ilhan Omar

While the House of Representatives still passed a resolution, Democrats had to abandon an initial vote and the resolution that passed condemned multiple forms of hate instead of only anti-Semitism. Speaker Nancy Pelosi would also no longer say the resolution was intended to single out Ilhan Omar, which showed the power of this backlash.

Bernie In Chicago: From Civil Rights Era Activism To Present-Day Struggles Against Institutional Racism

The 2020 presidential campaign for Bernie Sanders gave a platform to a young black queer woman in Chicago involved in fighting a $95 million police academy that will further gentrify an already-marginalized community. It also connected Sanders' past involvement in civil disobedience actions in the civil rights movement to today's fights against racism.


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#ChiMayor19 - Episode 4: Ending Austerity For Chicago Public Schools


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