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Secret CIA Document Describes Abu Zubaydah's Waterboarding As 'Amateurish Experiment'

A 2007 report from the CIA's Office of Medical Services (OMS) was released after an ACLU lawsuit. Part of it describes how Abu Zubaydah was subject to an "amateurish experiment" when he was waterboarded in 2002.

What Can Be Learned From Democrat And Republican Delusions On Obamacare

After a decade of intense political fighting, the United States finally has a quasi-stable political equilibrium on the Affordable Care Act. Jon Walker on how we got there.

As Minnesota City Rushes To Approve Amazon Warehouse, Residents Rally Opposition

Michael Sainato reports on residents in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, who are angry about a planned Amazon fulfillment center that will likely have a negative impact on their community.

How The Justice Department Uses 'Law Enforcement Tools' Against Journalists

The Justice Department's annual reports from 2016 and 2017 reveal several examples of how the government acts when journalists are targeted by investigations.

Liberal Backlash To Protest At Tucker Carlson's Home Reinforces Crackdown On Dissent

When Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his right-wing allies spread rumors and lies about anti-racist protesters who came to his home in Washington, D.C., Democrats and liberal media personalities immediately treated them as truth.


Beyond Prisons - Episode 30: Prison Reporting.

Unauthorized Disclosure - A Report from Brazil on Jair Bolsonaro's Victory

Protest Song Of The Week

"Thoughts and Prayers" by Lee Reed

Canadian hip-hop artist Lee Reed deconstructs the common political expression, "thoughts and prayers," exposing how it reinforces a status quo that benefits Western capitalism and empire.


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