Calls Mount For End To Lockdown At A California Prison

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 12/9


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Following Hunger Strike, Corcoran Prisoners Say Negotiations With Warden Have Fallen Apart

Hundreds of California prisoners, who led a hunger strike against an oppressive and months-long lockdown, suspended their protest following negotiations with the warden and the fulfillment of two of their six demands. But the warden now delaying meetings, Brian Sonenstein reports.

Lawsuit Over Highway Shutdown During #NoDAPL Protests Alleges Attempt To Extort Standing Rock Sioux

As private security company, TigerSwan, disputes whether they should be a target of a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of indigenous water protectors and others at Standing Rock, plaintiffs have further outlined alleged civil rights violations that occurred in October 2016.

Challenging The Liberal Case For The Trump Administration's Coup In Venezuela

It is imperial hubris to think Trump, Abrams, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Steven Mnuchin are pursuing action to “restore democracy” in Venezuela.

In McCarthyist Display, MSNBC Hosts Grill Tulsi Gabbard Over Her US Foreign Policy Views

Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, and Kasie Hunt do not like how Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard talks about U.S. foreign policy, and they made it clear she will never be part of their club.


Unauthorized Disclosure - Interview With Roberto Lovato

Journalist Roberto Lovato joined the "Unauthorized Disclosure" weekly podcast to talk about Elliott Abrams, who is now the special envoy to Venezuela, and his work reporting on the opposition in Venezuela.

Protest Song Of The Week

"Take It" by Black Roots

British reggae group Black Roots comment on the exploitation of poor and working class people, singing, "Some take it with the white, some take it with the green. They all play for a different team."


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