Bullied By 'Amazon Of Healthcare,' City Of Pittsburgh Folds

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 8/18


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Pittsburgh Votes To Expand 'Amazon Of Healthcare' After Threat To Shut Down Hospital For Low-Income Patients

Michael Sainato reports on how the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center bullied the city into accepting its plans for expansion by threatening to shut down a low-income neighborhood hospital.

'I'm For Disruption': Interview With Prison Strike Organizer From Jailhouse Lawyers Speak

Jared Ware interviews a representative from Jailhouse Lawyers Speak about organizing prisoners, prison slavery, supporting ICE detainees, and an upcoming national prison strike.

What's In the John McCain Endless War Spending Bill That Trump Signed

Kevin Gosztola reports on the contents of the $717 billion military spending bill that President Donald Trump signed.

Opioid Epidemic: Librarians In Oregon Trained To Administer Drug Used To Prevent Deaths

Although librarians are best known for worrying about overdue books, lately many have been concerned about overdoses, too. Larissa Banitt reports.

DNC Welcomes Donations From Fossil Fuel Employer PACs

The Democratic National Committee’s executive committee passed a resolution introduced by DNC chair Tom Perez, which encourages donations from employee political action committees in the fossil fuel industry and undoes a ban passed in June.

Why Media Pundits Are Wrong To Suggest Voters Rejected Socialism In Recent Primaries

Losses in recent primaries do not prove that voters in the Midwest or Plains states reject socialism. Rather, it proves once again that Democratic Party candidates, whose campaigns are flush with cash from political action committees, are immensely capable of defeating insurgent candidates.


Unauthorized Disclosure - Max Blumenthal

Hosts of the weekly podcast interview journalist Max Blumenthal about his reporting from Nicaragua, where a violent undemocratic uprising has unfolded for the past months.

Beyond Prisons - Sean Damon

Activist and paralegal Sean Damon, who works for the Amistad Law Project and is also a co-founding member of the Coalition To Abolish Death By Incarceration, joins the weekly podcast to discuss his work as a movement organizer.

"Last Lion Of Albion" by Neko Case

C.J. Baker features this song by acclaimed singer-songwriter Neko Case, who uses the extinction of large lions in Great Britain fourteen thousand years ago as a backdrop for examining the effects of colonialism.


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