'Both Sides' Not Responsible For Tense Political Climate

Shadowproof Weekly Newsletter - 10/27


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Mail-Bomb Scare: Why It's Loathsome To Argue 'Both Sides' Were Reponsible

Several politicians in the United States reacted to news of a mail-bomb scare by accusing “both sides” of the political spectrum of violence and harassment that has made the climate “divisive.” But “both sides” do not fan the flames of reactionary politics.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Office Invokes Terrorism To Keep Response Plan To Van Dyke Verdict Secret

Will Pierce of Lucy Parsons Labs reports on a records request that was rejected by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office. To justify secrecy, officials claim "releasing this information could enable terrorists."

Report Documents 'Lucrative Relationship' Between Tech Companies And Trump's Deportation Machine

If allowed to go “unchecked,” Mijente, the report contends tech companies will continue to develop systems that target and punish those deemed “undesirable.”

Under Trump, Journalists Face Greater Risk Of Warrantless Electronic Searches At Border

Warrantless searches of electronic devices by Customs and Border Protection have tripled at the United States border in the last three years. The growth in searches puts press freedom at great risk.

Protest Song Of The Week

"Above The Law" by The O'Jays

Well-known rhythm and blues group The O'Jays recorded this song for their forthcoming and final album. It confronts the class warfare of elites and the super-rich.


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